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"Portage House 2" 2327 Portage Drive, Duluth, MN 55811
Enjoy watching the abundant wildlife as it strolls through the yard at our Portage Two house, located in the quiet neighborhood of Piedmont’s Parkwood development. This beautifully decorated ranch style home features a cozy living room with fireplace, large family style dining room, and spacious patios for summer gatherings. This handicapped accessible home also features a large handicapped accessible bathroom with a whirlpool tub and walk-in shower.
"Portage House" 2319 Portage Drive, Duluth, MN 55811
Located on the same quiet street as the Portage Two house, residents at Portage One house also enjoy the abundant wildlife of the neighborhood. This handicapped accessible one-level home features a fireplace, spacious bedrooms, open living area, and quiet patio for outdoor enjoyment.
"Palisade House" 2812 Palisade Drive, Duluth, MN 55811
Spacious open floor plan style handicapped accessible home located in Piedmont’s quiet Parkwood development features a beautifully decorated living space with a large yard for enjoying outdoor fun and watching wildlife. This house features vaulted ceilings with a fireplace in the main living room and also a smaller living room that has a more intimate feel. There are two bathrooms, one of which has a walk in shower, the other has a bathtub for residents who enjoy taking long, relaxing soaks.
"Hutchinson House" 2453 Hutchinson Road, Duluth, MN 55811
A large deck provides ample space for gatherings of friends and family at this handicapped accessible home located in the Piedmont area. A few of the best features of this home include a walk in shower, large living space, and big picture windows. Located moments from biking and hiking trails, residents are able to enjoy outdoor activities, as well as being minutes from major shopping areas. Residents at the Hutchinson house have an ample rhubarb patch and apple tree, providing additional summertime treats.
"Northland House" 802 Northland Avenue, Duluth, MN 55804
Large picture windows provide a view of one of Duluth’s most attractive assets: Lake Superior. Residents residing in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood just below Hawk’s ridge are a short distance from several other areas of enjoyment that Duluth has to offer: Brighton Beach, the Lakewalk, and Lester Park. The Northland house also features a large deck for summer grilling and gatherings.
"Grand House" 7501 Grand Ave. Duluth, MN 55807
Located moments from major shopping areas and dining, the Grand house, located on Grand Avenue, is directly across the street from the Munger Bike Trail, Western Waterfront Trail, the Superior Hiking Trail, and one block from the Duluth Zoo. Residents enjoy walking the trails, visiting the animals at the zoo, as well as having to access the beauty of Spirit Valley. This handicapped accessible home is developed from a piece of Duluth’s history.